This proven format is a hit in eleven countries with high ratings and over 1000 episodes. Anna could have it all...if only her shyness wasn’t such a hurdle.  In this half-hour telenovela, Anna dreams of getting a job at a stylish agency, but Katja is seemingly always one step ahead of her. By passing off one of Anna’s ideas as her own, Katja secures Anna’s dream job. But Anna stays strong and hopes that one day her talents will be appreciated..


Anti-social Network


Lindsay Lohan hosts this social media-based prank show that forces people to ask themselves the most important question: how much is your social media worth to you?


Dope Nation


Hosted by long-time drug counselor Bob Forrest and executive produced by Chris Rock, Dope Nation will revolutionize the narrative of Big Pharma and drugs in America. Fed up after 18 years of battling the effects of America's prescription drug crisis, Bob is ready to take the fight straight to the source through this disruptive expose of our lethal drug-obsessed culture and a cathartic pursuit of those who got rich off the suffering of millions.


Galore After Dark


Galore After Dark is a half-hour late-night variety show set in the celebrity-filled Galore bungalow. Re-imagining the infamous Playboy After Dark, the series comes with access to the top influencers, musicians and artists of today’s generation. The show will channel Galore’s energy and the feeling that it’s all a party that you never want to end….


Chinese and American Film Award Show


This two hour special event that unites the biggest stars from China and Hollywood to celebrate the achievements of Western films in the Chinese Marketplace, every year. The show is in partnership with Don Mischer Productions, best known for their work directing the Oscars, the Emmy’s, President Obama’s Inauguration and multiple Super Bowl Halftime shows.




This aspirational series spices up the traditional “food travel show” with a millenial twist. Yes, there will be food porn, but the key ingredients are the people they meet and the stories they tell- top chefs, influencers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Each episode will follow known chef Daphne Cheng as she meets new friends, explores the local ingredients, and learns quirky cultural customs. It all culminates into the ultimate dinner parties with the most interesting people in the world. We're on a mission to ignite friendships, cultural acceptance, and unite the world- through food.


Lost Supper


The Lost Supper follows celebrity chef Marcel Vigneron in a quest to re-discover important family recipes lost to the whims of time. This series explores culture and the power of food in a means similar to Who Do You Think You Are? Each episode will feature a popular celebrity, their individual family recipes, and the meaning behind them.


The Parent Swipe


This hour-long dating show will focus on five hopeful singles and follow their journeys as they intertwine through the organic setting of a modern take on a Hindu marriage convention. This is the new, real-life version of a dating app...but now your parents are the ones doing the swiping! The show will explore the backgrounds of each single and delve into their love lives and how they’ve been previously unsuccessful in finding “the one” and why they’ve taken this new approach in hopes of meeting their future husband or wife.


Wellness Content


Band of Outsiders produces content with sister company, The Wellness Agency on a streaming VHX model with leading fitness talent across all verticals of wellness.