Band of Outsiders’ slate of media properties represents a diverse group of series, specials and events rooted in groundbreaking talent, proven formats, scalable brands and elite creatives. For a brief overview of some current projects, please see below.

If you’re interested in learning more about any projects or to purpose a new concept please submit your inquiry via the Connect page.


The Jungle Keeper


The Jungle Keeper follows adventurer Paul Rosolie deep into the Western Amazon and will explore the magical nature of life in one of the most pristine and beautiful places left on Earth. Places that may not be here in years to come if we don't do something to protect them now. Paul is well regarded as one of the most knowledgeable naturalist explorers on the subject.  His passion for wildlife conservation around the world has led him to some of the last dark places on the map. 


Racism and immigration are words often used in the same conversation.  Breaking Hate is a formatted series that exposes the process of how extremist hate groups form and then follows along as members are exposed to the steps necessary for them to break away from the loathing that drives them.  Through real-life intervention, former extremist turned counselor Christian Picciollini proves the tools we need to solve these issues and implement long-term solutions that counter all types of racism and violent extremism. 




Just as Super Size Me and An Inconvenient Truth changed the conversation around fast food and global warming, Dope Nation will revolutionize the narrative of Big Pharma and drugs in America.  Hosted by proven talent and long time drug counsel Bob Forrest. 

Fed up after 18 years of battling the effects of America's prescription drug crisis, Bob is ready to take the fight straight to the source through this disruptive expose of our lethal drug-obsessed culture and a cathartic pursuit of those who got rich off the suffering of millions. 


Galore After Dark is a half-hour magazine-style variety show set at a celebrity filled Galore house party.  Re-imagining the infamous Playboy After Dark, this update comes with access to the top influencers, musicians, and artists of today's generation.  Galore is the definitive brand for authentically cool, fresh, young, savvy, and creative women.  This series channels Galore's electric energy; that feeling that it's all a party that you never want to end...



The Lost Supper follows celebrity chef Marcel Vigneron in a quest to re-discover important family recipes lost to the whims of time and disconnection.  This series explores culture and the power of food in a means similar to Who Do You Think You Are?  Each episode will feature a popular celebrity, their individual family recipes, and the meaning behind them.